Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I've a feeling that the color yellow is going to be the hot spring accessory color.
Yellow is a mood brightener, and it can definitely stir things up.

Take for example these Fluevog ankle strap sandals- pale yellow and white combination on a sweet kitten heel. It's feminine and demure.
It's name is Lorelei and at $187, it's not a bad price for a shoe that is cute and comfortable.

Feeling a bit, oh not rebellious, but more the downtown look at me vibe? You can take pleasure in these Marc by Marc Jacobs flats then, can't you?

The color is called acid lame. The shoe isn't made of fabric, but of leather and that's a sharp chrome yellow staring right back at you.

Chrome yellow was seen 0n a lot of the Spring 08 runways, in everything from accessories to accents on clothes to entire dresses made in that color. A big punch of that color will make you want to rip out your eyes, so for public safety and decency, be a dear and use it in a restrained manner.

Need to add some height? Intimidate your date? Elongate your legs? For a burst of spring zing look at these shoes or the peep toe sling backs. The shoe on the left is Vera by Report. $219 for alligator embossed leather 5 " platforms. Yes, you'll definitely be seen. The Nike for Cole Haan yellow snakeskin Aurora peep toe slingback offers comfort and sexiness at $379

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Oh admit it, we all do it. We do it at night, and during the day. We do it alone, and sometimes in a crowd. The really obnoxious ones do it in groups.

What am I talking about? The label check. It's when you silently inventory everything you're wearing via it's maker.

I did it today. On my way to the "Welcome to New York City" Brunch hosted by Mlle M de B for a new arrival to our fair shores, I did a quick inventory:

Killer Loop reversible Board Jacket
Armani deep cherry merino wool sweater
Juicy Couture jeans
Pink Uggs (yes, I know that they're OOF*) but I have tiny feet and they get cold
alligator and black leather watch
10 gold bangle bracelets
gold hoops
LV bag (classic monogram)

So....what did you wear today?

* OOF = Out Of Fashion

Friday, January 11, 2008

Two Icons for Spring

Jimmy and Manolo; you don't have to say their last names to instantly know who they are and their sensuous designs.

Here's a quick preview of what spring will show for us.

Here's Jimmy's take on the convertible Hobo ($2175)

Beautiful buttery leather, understated metal hardware, lovely, lovely stitched details.

This is just a lovely modern classic. I'd tie an Hermes scarf (red print of course) to one handle for a touch of color. Smart lasses will snap this one up.

Manolo makes flats. I know darlings, you always think of his sky high heels, but his flats are super lovely. Of course they're comfortable. You can feel the love in every stitch. Yet, when I viewed these little spring monsters, all that came to mind where wretched Doc Martens from the 80s.

Truly adorable little print, but there's something costumey about these shoes, in my heart of hearts I can only see Dorothy using them as an alternative to her ruby slippers.

Thoughts anyone?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

No, no, a thousand times no

Two nopes for spring 2008

Train wreck number 1; J. Mendel's casual "Wilma F." look for about town. Oh, we all need a furry vest for daytime weather, don't we? Too bad Sonny Bono's dead, this is his perfect look.

Trainwreck number 2; "Mommy, mommy, make it stop! My eyes are hurting." Philip Lim's use of acid has brought about this horror show-note, please view wearing sunglasses. Retina damage is a terrible thing.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lounge About

Soma gives an interesting spin to the phrase layabout.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Flower Power

Bitter 10 degree Celsius weather is definitely not spring weather; yet we can dream about gentle breezes, outdoor cafe seating et al.

To further your spring day dreaming, gaze at these Gucci sandals

You can trot on over to Bergdorf Goodman's to pick them up. No, too cold to go outdoors? then view them online

Then again, this atrocity is a reason to keep thinking winter

It's a horrid marriage of golf shoe meets peep-toe. Fendi, Fendi, Fendi, what were you thinking????

Of course it's on Sale at Barney's- it's so ugly it's a fire sale item

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Think Spring

Look at that marvy wicker basket! Cynthia Rowley, the cheeky (in a good way), unstoppable design maven has created the must have accessory for spring- the girly bike.

The dappled pink and white paint on the frame is like de-constructed cherry blossoms.

All you need is a bottle of vino, cheese, a hot crumply loaf of bread and a hot boy on a bike next to you and you've a lovely afternoon.